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HISTORY: The Primordium Age... A time best described as hostile in the extreme, when the Old Ones, pure-breed demons of great power, walked the Earth. Illyria, the Merciless... Maloker, creator of the first vampires... Names which held true weight in their day.

And so it was, as mortal creatures rose, the first Slayer was created to help drive back the Old Ones' legacy from preying on the innocent. Her life drawing to an end, only to usher in a successor to the next generation in a seemingly unending karmic chain, standing against one apocalyptic source of darkness after the other.

But fragments of that ancient ritual persist for those willing to seek them. Fragments which might yet allow for a reborn Slayer... An improved Slayer. One who could be refined, made greater - and if a success, then repeated. No more would such power have to be focused upon one mortal's shoulders. Instead, an entire army could made to stand against any would-be tide of horrors.

The problem is, with age comes mistakes. Even the slightest deviation or wrongly pronounced word can be catastrophic to a breaching of the veil between worlds. Especially if you aren't careful enough about what might be invited through...

Slayer, indeed - but not as was planned. Instead, taking possession of the offered human form, the infernal intelligence which now dwelled within her had only predatory instinct to serve its desire for survival - and destruction. The process fracturing memories and forcing it to adapt to the surroundings of a place which stirred a sense of strange familiarity. Earth. But it knows little. Even its name seems lost; taking on that of its new host out of necessity.

ABILITIES: A 'pure' demonic force held captive in a human vessel, great strength and reflexes are exhibited by Sabra, similar to those demonstrated by Illyria. Magical abilities, however, seem inaccessible (for the moment). What marks Sabra out as different to conventional vampires is her dietary preference; the more supernaturally-inclined the being is, the more appealing it becomes as a source of nutrition. Her entire jaw structure transforms, latching onto prey and proceeding to drain them of energy and fluids at an alarming rate. Due to this, vampires and Slayers, alike, would be seen as potential targets, but ordinary human would be no more tempting to Sabra than pigs to the undead. That doesn't mean she can't... Just that they're not nearly as appealing.

WEAKNESSES: Unlike beings such as Illyria, Sabra's possessed human form is mere flesh and bone, not an armoured shell. Cutting instruments, flame, corrosives, electricity and firearms would prove as effective against it as expected. Unfortunately, that's no more a guarantee of actual destruction than it would be against the ordinary undead. Being a 'true' demonic entity, it's possible to remove entire limbs, only for them to either reattach (much like the Judge) or undergo a lengthy process of physical regrowth. In fact, detached extremities may even exhibit full 'Thing'-like locomotion. Nevertheless, Sabra can certainly be put down for the count or even dismembered. Quite what the consequences would be of ingesting her blood, are unknown.

It should be noted that any characters particularly sensitive to an inhuman presence would find Sabra's to be 'loud'. She might be effectively wearing a guise of flesh, but Earth is not a realm she is used to inhabiting - and neither is her new human body. She is not yet aware of even the need to mask what she is, much less how to try. Extended stays in any one location stand a chance of attracting all the things expected of a true demonic entity's local influence, such as poltergeist activity.
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